Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's About Time!!

Japan FINALLY got a medal!!!

Poor little Miki. She gets my sympathy for being a high school student, not for falling.


You beeeyyyaaatch!!! Don't you know I'm America's Sweetheart of The Moment?? It's all your fault that I fell, YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!


Why is this crazy white girl touching me? Why is she putting her arms around me? What am I supposed to do? Ehhhhhhhhhh????????


Lena said...

cool pics, so how many did canada get in the end ,

Paris Is My Ho said...

Bored now.
Update please.

K said...

Can't update cause I'm making a little something for some of my students and I have to have it finished in time for grad on Friday.

I could have started and finished it a month ago, but I waited until yesterday to start.