Sunday, May 21, 2006

Adventures in Amigurumi

This is my first amigurimi attempt. His name is Herb. He is completely wrong, and full of mistakes, but he's still cute.

My second attempt was much more successful. I don't know his name because Lena is his new mother. He is sporting a lovely scarf for the winter months.

He had a hard time controlling himself at Lena's party. Cheeky little octopus!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The best place to live in Canada

Well they figured out a way to measure the best place to live in Canada.

Go here to see if your town made the cut.

I will soon be living in #9, Calgary.

Go here to read about the winner and how the study/poll was conducted.

I've also lived in #37 Victoria, and #55 Powell River. Good taste ne?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Busy Janice

One of my university roommates (and good friend), Janice, is currently teaching in London. These pics are from her recent trip to Egypt. I just had to (steal) and post them cause I miss her so much!

I'm so jealous!

The great leap...backwards.

Japan passes measure to fingerprint foreigners

Japan's cabinet has given final approval to a plan to fingerprint and photograph all adult foreigners entering the country, six years after the country dropped a similar requirement because of privacy concerns.

Cabinet made the decision Wednesday, a day after its parliament's Upper House approved a bill toughening security measures.

Among other measures in the same bill:

-Japan's justice minister will be able to expel foreigners who are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities.

-Airlines and ship lines will have to provide passenger and crew lists before they arrive in Japan.

Japan's lower house approved the bill in March.

Now that it's been approved by cabinet, its measures are expected to take effect in November 2007.

After that date, in order to enter the country, those born outside Japan and aged 16 or older will have to agree to be photographed and have electronic images of their fingerprints taken.

The images will be checked against those in international crime and terrorism databases, as well as domestic crime records, and then stored for an unspecified time.

The only exceptions will be state guests, diplomats and permanent residents of Japan.

Fingerprints collected until 2000

Japan fingerprinted all arriving foreigners until 2000, when the requirement was dropped because of a public outcry over invasion of privacy.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has been pressing for the measure to be resumed, claiming that it will decrease crime and protect the country from terrorist activity.

Japan believes it is a potential target for militants linked to al-Qaeda because it has troops in Iraq as part of the American-led coalition keeping order in the country.

Japan recorded about 7.5 million foreign visits in 2005.

The United States has also brought in security measures that require all arriving foreigners to be fingerprinted. Canadians and Mexicans are exempt from the requirement.


So what do you think about this?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Me Me Me

4 Jobs I've Had in My Life:

Gas station cashier
Camp Counselor

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again:

The Color Purple
Pretty Woman
A Christmas Story (well, at least every xmas)
Pretty in Pink

4 Places I Have Lived:

Beausejour, Man.
Victoria, B.C.
Powell River, B.C.
Gotsu, Shimane-ken

4 TV Shows I Love To Watch:

America's Next Top Model
Big Brother
Project Runway

4 Websites I visit:

4 Places I have Been on Vacaction:

Varadero, Cuba
All over, Thailand
Beijing, China
Boracay, Philippines

4 Favourite Foods:

Feta cheese
Pesto anything
Greek pizza with dipping sauce from Pana
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich

4 Places I would rather be right now:

On a beautiful beach
Hinsdale, Mass.
My Gramma's house
In bed

4 Bands I Can Listen to over and over again:

Dave Matthews Band
Buena Vista Social Club
Repeat After Me

4 Pet Peeves:

People who clip their nails in front of me (NASTY)
Snorting and sniffing instead of blowing your nose
Drivers who don't stop at crosswalks
People who try to be something they are not

4 People I am Tagging:

Pop Bitch
Leif even though he won't do it

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Only displayed once a year!!

My wonderful friend Yuki invited me over to her parent's home a few weeks ago to see her daughter's Girl's Day doll display

All for this little cutie, Megumi-chan...

Yuki with her son Kai-chan and Megumi-chan.

Want to take a guess at how much this display cost???