Thursday, May 18, 2006

The best place to live in Canada

Well they figured out a way to measure the best place to live in Canada.

Go here to see if your town made the cut.

I will soon be living in #9, Calgary.

Go here to read about the winner and how the study/poll was conducted.

I've also lived in #37 Victoria, and #55 Powell River. Good taste ne?


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight...Grand Prairie is 4th and Victoria is 37th? Huh? This analysis is purely based on economics. The only reason GP made it there is because people are oil rich. It's freakin' cold and in the middle of nowhere. How could that possibly beat Victoria's great climate, ocean, mountains, kick ass music scene, restaurants, architecture...I could go on. This article is crap I say!

K said...

I think one of the big things with Victoria is the prices of houses. It's difficult to enjoy all that Victoria has to offer when you are paying a $500,000 mortgage on a shitty duplex.

Anonymous said...

True. real estate is expensive but it doesn't mean it's not the best place to live. The article should really say that it's about the most economical places to live, not the best. Although, how can that really be judged anyways? I just think I'd rather eat glass than live in some remote oil well. And I'd rather pay high rent or mortgage (one day I guess) so I can enjoy the atmosphere of a really great town.