Sunday, May 21, 2006

Adventures in Amigurumi

This is my first amigurimi attempt. His name is Herb. He is completely wrong, and full of mistakes, but he's still cute.

My second attempt was much more successful. I don't know his name because Lena is his new mother. He is sporting a lovely scarf for the winter months.

He had a hard time controlling himself at Lena's party. Cheeky little octopus!


Lena said...

thanks babe for the great pressies and cake! ur picture are excellent really was a great night!!

Paris Is My Ho said...

I prefer the first one - Herby Herby Herb.

He has lots to say I think.
And great chunky lil fingas.


K said... was the BEST party!! When's the next Yakami party? Seriously, it was so much fun! Everyone was happy, there was no vomiting (that I saw) and no negative drama. There was plenty of drama, but it was the fun kind!!

Nathan...Herb does have character. But the photo only shows his good side. He has HUGE holes on his back!

However, he will soon need a home. Any takers!!???

You will have to accept him for who he is, and not judge.

jen said...

I will definitely take him if no one else does :)

You are link-ed!

K said...

He's yours Jen! I'll bring him next time I see you.

Maybe I will make him a little hat to cover his bald spots!

jen said...

SWEET! Got me a little Octi...

this kinda reminds me of ebay except less money and less heckling!

Paris Is My Ho said...


K said...

Jen, Herb is on his way to you via Carole.