Sunday, January 28, 2007

I went skiing with my school

We went to Calgary Olympic Park. It's nice to have a ski "hill" right in Calgary. I had to wear a helmet, just like the kids....isn't it RAD!?


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another cutie pie!

Kathy and Kevin (the people I live with) had a baby girl last Monday! Her name is Caitlin and she is a tiny little princess. Here I am holding her and my nephew, Cobin. It's so nice to have a little girl to buy for!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Little angels

For the next month I will teaching full time instead of 80%. My school has some money to do this for a few of the teachers who are not full time, but not enough money to do it for more than a month.

So guess what I'm teaching now?

Let's recap what I already teach:
  • Grade 9 Social Studies
  • Grade 9 Language Arts
  • Grade 9 Homeroom
  • Grade 5 Computers
  • Grade 8 Foods

Now add to that, for the next month:
  • Grade 1,2,3,4 P.E.

My school is right next door to an elementary school, in fact we are considered one school (saves money on administration). So I will now be teaching elementary P.E. for a month. This should be no problem, I am supposed to be an elementary teacher right? Well....I forgot how bloody small and delicate they are! Grade one students can barely run around the gym without falling down and bursting into tears!

They're cute though.

On a side note, during computers class today one of my grade 5 students asked the following:

"Miss. Hunt, is it OK if I watch the video of Saddam being hanged?"

Thank god for internet filters!