Sunday, January 28, 2007

I went skiing with my school

We went to Calgary Olympic Park. It's nice to have a ski "hill" right in Calgary. I had to wear a helmet, just like the kids....isn't it RAD!?


Ursula the Fist! said...

Awesome pics!!

Titia said...

I love your pictures and posts as always! I hope everything is going great! Miss you lots!


Lena said...

oh my it is rad, how do i get one, how come u had to wear it !!
miss u , hopefully I will get internet in my apt soon so we can talk !

Jason H. said...

Your helmet isn't so much "RAD" as it is "R.e.D." - see, it says "ReD" right there on the front. And they let you teach small children??


Hope all is well!