Monday, November 28, 2005

That's right, hang your head in shame Pauly boy

Canadian politics isn't so boring! Well, for today anyway.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Maybe it's time to leave the country when... suddenly start driving on the wrong side of the road!!

After nearly 2 1/2 years of perfectly safe and sane driving I have suddenly lost my mind. Last night was the first time I have ever driven on the wrong side of the road. AND I didn't even notice I was on the wrong side of the road until I saw the lights of on-coming traffic!

It was only about 3 seconds , and a small road, but it was long enough!

I can't wait for Christmas!

If you are feeling Christmassy I recommend this station. No commercials, never cuts out, and great variety.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Value of an International Homestay

Scribbled across a page from a student's journal:

  • knacker
  • cherry
  • fucking
  • fat-witted
  • bitchy
  • bitch
  • playboy
  • retard
  • drugster
  • dood
  • fuckin hell
  • ass
  • manure
  • poop
  • buttock
  • shit
  • skater
  • CIA
  • pot
  • ass-hole
  • haircut
  • number two
  • crack
  • fuck up
  • jackass
  • mate
  • sphincter
  • weed
  • bastard
  • virgin
  • ball
  • whore
  • kinky
  • methamphetamine (jesus christ, did she also SPELL it correctly???)
  • fuck all
  • KKK
  • balls up

Needless to say, I'm the only one she shows her journal to.

So where did she learn these words????

Her 2 week homestay in Seattle.

And yes, she does understand them ALL.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I really miss my dog today

Isn't it strange how homesickness hits you at the strangest moments? I was just sitting here, eating my Lawson's tofu, and I thought about my dog, Hanna.

Living alone sucks.

For the Princess

Welcome Maya! We love you already and can't wait to meet you.

Obsess Much?

So Rebecca and I have tried to be really good about going to the boxing gym. Since we joined we have been about 10 times. Not bad eh?

One of my students, Y-chan (my personal secretary/translator/therapist) has listened to me go on and on about the gym. So of course she really wants to give it a try.

Today, during conversation class, she fell behind on the current assignment because we were chatting about boxing! Oops