Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pictures from the mid-year conference


Lena said...

my breasts look seriously weird in the 2nd pic,
and i look good playing the guitar,
just thought i d let u know that ,

K said...

I think your breasts look quite perky actually.

Lena said...

im so stupid ass with blogs , just tried to send a chat thing but couldnt, but at least i tried i suppose ,
it is really cool though , u are the best shimane alt blogger it is offical.
bye for now, 16 mins and im leaving school to go to awaji , i could so leave now and nobody would know , but im a gud girl so i wont ,

Lena said...

thanks i think !!!

Leif said...

breasts are fun. also...koren you're going to have to help me with bit torrent again. I accidentaly uninstalled it. What should I do?