Monday, November 21, 2005

Maybe it's time to leave the country when... suddenly start driving on the wrong side of the road!!

After nearly 2 1/2 years of perfectly safe and sane driving I have suddenly lost my mind. Last night was the first time I have ever driven on the wrong side of the road. AND I didn't even notice I was on the wrong side of the road until I saw the lights of on-coming traffic!

It was only about 3 seconds , and a small road, but it was long enough!

I can't wait for Christmas!

If you are feeling Christmassy I recommend this station. No commercials, never cuts out, and great variety.

1 comment:

Lena said...

poor babe at least u are ok , maybe u were teleported back home for that time u were on the wrong side of the road therefore u were actually on the right side of the road, and were right to be there like in back to the future but not really ,
i need to sleep i think .....