Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby Caitlin


Lena said...

u just posted u online, talk to me on gmail, my msn at work is worse than ever, my gmail address is the same as my yahoo and hotmail just with @gmail.com!!! love u misss u , still have a postcard that I wrote about a month ago to u on my desk I wanted to write a little to go with it, but been too busy , ill get it to u eventually, by the way my school cant keep me on next year so im going to be leifs sucessor and visiting my school! he is leaving big changes !!

K said...

Sorry I missed you online. I don't think I have the gmail chat program, I'll have to download it. So you are staying a third year! Good for you! Too bad you can't stay in Iwami. I'm looking forward to your postcard...mail it NOW!

Have you been having a fun year? I miss you guys so much. Who else is staying/leaving?

Lena said...

if u check out shimane jets they have a list, but ill give u a quick run down , rebecca donna Gemma Ben , Will, Karin, brooke, fiona, sara, leslie , jen, john, chrissy, are going, my brain is blanking at the mo sorry, katy craig, me ashley, julia , Cat (she is PA) Rob horn, ang,
(antonio is getting married in April did u hear?) Antonio , are staying, Who else is there ive completly blanked ! sorry ,
how do u pronounce Caitlin by the way , like cat a lean or caughtlean ... just wondering anyways, better get back to work , I updated my blog check it out !!