Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Stupid just got stupidededer.


Paris Is My Ho said...

Oh come on K! If you seriously thought that your baby was in trouble you would do anything to get him outta the way.

Im not saying that she actually did feel that but give the girl a break - I love gossip but it seems everyone is bitching her out recently.

BTW, whats stupideder (is it a typo of stupider or a Canadian word or summat)


K said...

Alrighty now...did she think the photographers were going to literally open the car door and beat her baby boy??

Not gonna happen.

There is NO safer place for a baby, in a car, then in a carseat.

I could go on all day about stupid people who hold their children on their laps. And she was DRIVING at the same time!!! Not even in the passenger seat (not that that is safe at all).

Studididudder means "more stupid than the rest". It is my own language, try to keep up.

Paris Is My Ho said...

Im sorry I guess Im stupided.

But....apparently recently papparazzi (?) trapped her in her car without her baby. That must be pretty scary stuff y'kno, and maybe she did act stupid but in the heat of the moment maybe she just panicked and didnt think. Or something.

Ooooooh..... I dunno....she did act pretty stupid but I just felt like sticking up for her cos she's gettin such a hard time.

Im a soft touch.