Thursday, February 16, 2006


What's annoying? Right now, today, what's annoying you??

I'll go first:

  1. Listening to a radio station from back home talk about who got kicked off Survivor last night, when I haven't had a chance to download it yet. BASTARDS
  2. Listening to the perfectly sane and nice teacher beside me TALK TO HERSELF allllll frickin day long. "ooohhh what's this?? hmmmm why is that? I don't understand...." KEEP IT TO YOURSELF BITCH!!
  3. Checking blogs that are hardly EVER updated.


Lena said...

hey i hope that was not a dig to me i was good at updating this week ,leif is in tokyo he has an excuse the rest though i know what u mean did u check out my bebo profile really shaping up now

Paris Is My Ho said...

Im with u on that blog thing - what a drag!! Literally months go by.

Things that make me wanna scream:

EVERYDAY there is one teacher in my staff room who falls asleep and wakes himself up grunting. At first it was funny.
Now I just wanna slap him in the face with a wet fish.


K said...

Totally not you! Or Leif! You guys are blogging champions.

Blogging Olympics

(Pending a nasty doping investigation)

Gold Medal: Leif
Silver Medal: Lena
Bronze Medal: Nathan

K said...

Hey Nathan, is that guy at your fisheries school??

Hit him with a wet fish...
Fisheries school...

Get it???

I crack myself up.

Paris Is My Ho said...

Bronze?? Bronze??
Bloody hell I weeeeiggghh blog more than Leif.
Oh, is this on quality?? Are you sayin Im rubbish?? *sob*

Im sensing a conspiracy. First only Rebecca and Evan are coming to my party tonight (cos EVERYBODY else in Hamada SUX) and now my integrity as a blogger is being called into question.

Just beacuse you're in a bad mood dont take it out on me.
YOu always hurt the ones you love.


(wot ya think that stands for??)

K said...

You're hyphenating?? Think of the children?? Hyphenated (is that a word, I can't spell worth shit) last names are such a bitch for little kids to learn.

BRONZE: at this point you are in third place. Things may change. Leif being away for a week will SEVERELY hurt his position.

The committee may have to reconvene at a later date to address the controversy.

What party?? Huh? Do you ever think about inviting the Gotsu people to these little shindigs???

Lena said...

thats bull im way better than leif !!! , he sucks , and boring and he sucks, and like im way better for commenting on ur blog that should have won it for me

did i say leif sucks already cause he does !!

K said...

Pending an extensive investigation, the BOC (Blogging Olympics Committee) *may* strip some athletes of their medals and re-award them.

Passion Lives Here!

Ursula the Fist! said...

Okay...I know I wouldn't even get a crappy sew on patch for participation. I'm a bad blogger. It's me. I know. Guilty as charged. Hey, you know what's annoying? People who live on the freakin' internet!!!!

I'll sheepishly go update my blog now. I hate the Olympics (except for Gold medal hockey game coming up on February 26th - GO TEAM CANADA) and all sports in general. I don't need no stinkin' medal. Okay, now I'm blogging more in your blog than mine. Bye.

Carole said...

heheheheee....I love you guys!!!

this is just what I needed to start my Monday on a good note! Just for that, the BOC should award Koren with the Gold, silver and bronze medal. Getting people to debate on blogs isn't easy!

All of you, March 4th weekend....Higashi izumo will rock! Birthday's on the 2nd and want to see you guys there!!! Hope you're all free! Maybe skiing on the Saturday at Daisen?! Come on!!!! It'll be great hanging out! It's been too long.....too long.