Monday, March 06, 2006


Friday was grad. It was such a sad day for me. 3-4 class were the kids who made me feel so welcome when I first arrived here, they made up the majority of my english club, and they were such cool kids. I made them an english yearbook in the western style with superlatives like best smile, favortie movie, etc. It doesn't compare to their real yearbook which is gorgeous, with full color glossy pages, but I hope they like it, and maybe actually read it.

I feel a little lost knowing that I won't ever see most of them again. Lot's of students talk about studying in Canada or just visiting, but who will actually do it?

I hope they keep in touch. I'm still in touch with several students who I have taught over the years. When I was a student teacher I became friends with a student named Lisa. I was also able to use her for a case study assignment. We have been writing to each other since before she could properly write a sentence. She's in grade 6 now. Students like her make all the bullshit involved in teaching worth it.

Anyway...enough of that. Here are some pictures from grad.

Atsuki, Asagi, and I.

This is Daiki. It was touch-and-go for a while as to whether or not he would graduate. But he did!!! He's a sweetie pie.

A lovely girl named Shoko. She has a very bright future ahead of her.

This is the whole 3-4 class with their homeroom teacher.

These are the "baseball boys".

These are the current and some graduating members of the english club. We bought the grads tulips and made cards.

Asagi and Miyuki showing off their diploma holders.


Paris Is My Ho said...

OHG! So I was just looking at this and Kocho-sensei walks up and starts reading it. Hes looking at the pix and saying very cute, oooh pretty. Ohhhohhhoohhh....


Then of course everyone else starts looking cos I think Im loooking up porn or something.


As for graduation a big spider crawled out the back of my suit. The teachers without lockers left their clothes in the scuzzy photocopying room and I swear I told them there is evilness living in there.

And apparently it liked my suit.

K said...

Don't let your pedo-kocho look at my kids!!

A spider in your suit? I would have died.

See you at sushi on Thurs?? I've missed a few weeks and it makes me sad.

Grad makes me sad
Sushi makes me sad