Sunday, March 12, 2006

On a snowy Monday morning, which may explain the tone...

An Open Letter to My Colleagues

Maybe it's because I have no classes today, maybe it's because I'm cold and cranky, or maybe it's because I only have 85 more days of school(!!!!!!!), but I need to inform you of a few things....

  • The sink in the bathroom is THE perfect place to brush your teeth. So WHY do you do it while sitting at your desk?
  • If you need to practice your pronunciation leave the room, find a quiet place, and practice. DO NOT practice in the silent staff room where people are trying to work in peace.
  • Stop smoking you filthy disgusting people.
  • If you're too hot, take off your coat, don't open the window while it's fucking snowing outside and there are other teachers wrapping themselves in blankets.
  • Stop running everywhere, you look retarded.
  • Keep your shit off my desk, keep your ass off my chair, and don't even think about taking my pen.


Carole said...

this is irrelevant to this post....

Koren!!! you left way tooooo early on Sunday!!!! I didn't get a chance to talk to you!!! YOU ARE ALREADY LEAVING IN 5 MONTHS!!!!! This is not acceptable!

So, my sister's here for a month, but after that, no excuses!!! Fellow canadians need to see each other more!! And you have to come see me in good old Higashi!!

c. said... something about your list :

How about adding :

Why can't they tell you the important things you need to know!! Why wait till you ask : what the f**k? We're talking pictures today and I had to wear a suit?

If you're gonna stay at school till 11pm, that's your thing, but stop snoring while I'm trying to work!!

Don't tell me I'm strange and fussy because I refuse to eat fish heads, chicken cartilage, raw liver, whale, pig's ears or any other crazy part of animals...

Leif said...

I love your bitchy posts!! They're wicked cool!!

Anonymous said...

I'll second you on the running thing. Why? Why the running? Everybody scurries around like a bunch of hamsters. Chill people.

Jason H. said...

I wish some of my staff were "practicing pronunciation" when in fact a few are simply just muttering to themselves - constantly! Just shut up - stop talking to yourself out loud you idiots!

Ahh - I feel better now. thanx. :)


K said...

My Dearest Carole, sorry I had to leave the show early, but I had to catch a train. If I didn't get that train I wouldn't have gotten home till 10.

5pm or 10pm?

Hmmmmm which would you prefer???

Wish I was there to see it all, but I saw all the really good people (my friends), so that's all that matters!!