Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Too excited for words!!

Rumor has it that HE is going to sit somewhere else next year!!! (Next year begins in about a week).

This is the greatest news I've heard in a long time.


Lena said...

so where is he sitting ? i know everybody want s to know

K said...

They put him in a room all by himself!!! Not really the best idea in my opinion...seeing as how he is "fragile".

So now no one sits beside me. The desk is for a woman who already has a desk in another room. So she will sit there sometimes. It's nice to have all the extra space to spread my stuff out. Cause I have soooo much work going on right now that I need to spread it all out...yeah...sure

On the other side is a new math teacher who speaks no english. He's nice though.

It will be a blissfully quiet 4 months!

Jason H. said...

So here's my "placement" story from today...

I get back to work today after being on vacation for 5 days. They moved desks and the new teachers arrived while I was gone.

I walk into the staff room, spy my desk, walk over and start to put my stuff down, when the new teacher, seated at the desk beside mine, bounds out of her chair and bows and does the whole "yoroshiku" thing - saying her name waaaaayyyy too fast for me to catch it. Fine - nice to meet you too.
I start to sit down when she grabs a see-through folder off her desk with a memo inside and starts to talk at me in rapid-fire Japanese - I gradually understand that the ninen sei are going on a picnic... ok, fine, thanks. But she ends a sentence with "ka" and I know I've been asked a question and I have no idea how to respond. So I start to say in my broken Japanese that maybe we should get Moriyama sensei or one of the JTEs over to help, because I only speak limited Japanese. Then she busts out a little English and I understand that the teachers are ordering special bento that day (which is like three weeks away) and do I want to buy one? Umm.. no, cuz "sakana tabemasen." OK - fine.

I finally get settled in and walk over to Moriyama sensei, who used to sit beside me and we start to chat about the new term. I ask her about the new JTE were supposed to be getting, and she turns and points at the lasy sitting next to me that just went on at me for 5 minutes in Japanese!!! Not a good first impression! Not only does she look bad for barely speaking English with me, but I feel like an idiot for suggesting that we'd need another JTE to translate. So not off to a good start.

Then to rub salt into the wound - I notice that she is reading the brand new Textbooks I'd heard we'd be getting this term. OK - she has them, Moriyama sensei has them...ummm... where are my copies? I ask the "head" of the English Dept and she has no clue - Moriyama rushes over and says they'll have to order some - they should be here next week! Way to make me feel included guys! *sheesh* Not a great start to the new year.

Thus ends the rant...


K said...

Just when you think you are a semi-accepted member of the staff they hit you in the face with something like that.

Don't take it to heart. Focus on the students. Leave the bullshit in the teachers room.