Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eagle Cam

This is a live webcam of an eagle's nest on Hornby Island, BC.
The eggs are going to hatch later this month.
It's excellent quality and a little bit addictive.


Anonymous said...

Big ups to Hornby! Yeah...I've never been there but I know a lot of people who talk about how great it is. Now I don't have to go...I can just watch it on the internet.

Anonymous said...

eagle cam.......jaysus Koren is that what your blog has become now?.....tut tut...

K said...

Don't dis the eagle.

Have you watched it? Don't lie, I know you are watching it right now.

More riveting tales to come. My school won second place at the Junior Olympic Cup in Tokyo (waterpolo). I will be writing about that soon.


Don't dis the eagle.