Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I know you're all so curious

When will Gotsugirl leave Gotsu forever??? Take a look at my countdown.


Leif said...

you're such a dork! (don't leave though!!)

Carole said...

That has to be a mistake! You can't already be leaving in 97 days, 2330 hours 139847 minutes and 8390800,8390799, 8390798 secondes!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 8390790!!!!

K said...

Leif: I'M a dork?? Don't even get me started....

Carolechan: My little muffin, how are you? I miss you. That countdown is only an estimate. Most likely I will be leaving BEFORE that date!!


Jason H. said...

K -

Like the countdown clock. Also enjoying the vids - you have a digital video camera or are you using your regular digital camera?

So the question becomes - will this blog cease to be updated when you are no longer a "Gotsu Girl" or will you simply rename this blog and carry on?


K said...

Jason, that's a good question. Will I still be Gotsugirl when I'm living in Calgary? I sure as well won't be changing to Calgarygirl.

I think I will still update, but having a real job will mean not as much time on the computer.

I will for sure keep on reading everyone else's blogs, I'm totally addicted!

K said...


I sure as "HELL" won't be Calgarygirl.

Maybe it would make sense to read the post BEFORE publishing it??

Carole said...

Koren!!! You should totally be Calgarygirl....or just Calgirl!!! which sounds like Cowgirl!!! Come on!!! Take out your hat and boots!!! Need to do some more Shania Twain Karaoke soon!!!