Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another Reason to Avoid the Japanese Medical System....

This happened in MY town!!! In MY local hospital!!! Unbelievable!!!! He was the grandfather of one of my students, and a local Shinto priest. Why would anyone do such a thing??

Patient, 79, strangled at hospital in Shimane

The Yomiuri Shimbun

A 79-year-old patient was found dead, apparently after being strangled, at a hospital in Gotsu, Shimane Prefecture, late Saturday, police said.
According to the police, two nurses at Saiseikai Gotsu General Hospital found Michiaki Kono dead in his bed on the hospital's third floor at about 11:25 p.m. Saturday. Marks around Kono's neck indicated he had been strangled, but police said they would perform an autopsy Sunday to determine the cause of death.
Kono's clothes were not disheveled and the room had not been ransacked, police said. Nurses at the hospital check on patients every few hours, but they found nothing unusual when they checked Kono at 9:30 p.m.
(Mar. 20, 2006)



Titia said...

Hey Koren!!! What a nice March day is it today.....Thanks for those great comments...and that is a picture of me in Ukatta this summer...I just decided to post it again..I really like that picture...LOL..but, I would love the information on the shop who makes them in your area. I do want to get my own. Well, I am sitting in the BOE doing absolutely nothing right now. I am not even pretending to be busy, I just do not have the energy. There is no GENK in me today. Well, talk to you soon.

Lena said...

oh my god that is so tragic how is ur student doing,

Ursula the Fist! said...

That is terrible. Everyone was talking about it at school yesterday.

K said...

I have no idea how the student is doing. Asking only gets me blank stares and "hmmmm I don't know.."

I don't have any classes with her, although I would have taught her last year.

I find it pretty difficult to believe someone just rocked on up to the hospital and strangled an old man. There has to be some pretty nasty background info we are not being given. Something really juicy!

K said...

Titia: the place in my town is called Iida Kimono Fashions. It's really close to my school (not that that means anything to you). I had my yukatta made a few weeks after I arrived after casually saying to my host father "I would like to wear a yukatta some day..."

It wasn't cheap (about 2.5 man) but I was able to pick out the fabric I wanted and then it was made according to my measurements. I also got an obi and that plastic thing you wear underneath *apparently* I needed to be flatter..ahem...

They threw in a pair of geta for free. They were impossibly too small so they had them altered for free too!

Very nice people, but then again, I was there with my host father who was friends with them.

If you are interested, I could steal a student (personal translator)to come with us and look into it.