Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who's a Naughty Girl?

I'm a naughty girl!!

I had my Imagestation account deactivated due to innapropriate images!!! I had no idea which images were offensive so I contacted them via chat and found out that my Naked Man Festival pictures were "offensive due to nudity".

So congratulations Shimane guys, your asses are so ugly they got me in trouble!!

It's all fixed now, but I had to delete the album.

I guess "cultural experience" counts for nothing if you have a big hairy gaijin ASS. They had no problem with my sumo wrestling album...but I guess those guys weren't grabbing each other!


Lena said...

that is so funny !! , I wanna come hang out with you at ur house like we did last year during kenchuchan.. , what date are u leaving ?

Anonymous said...

Hardcore. You are so hardcore.

K said...

Wrin: I AM hardcore aren't I?

You all better watch out for my HARDCORENESS!

Lena: you are welcome anytime babes!

Anonymous said...