Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The long wait is over!

I've FINALLY received information about my successor and I'm just so excited!!

I sent her an email and want her to write back NOW but I'm sure it's like 4 in the morning in the states. I have so much to tell her.

She sounds like a lovely person who will fit in nicely.

*leaves to check email again....*


Paris Is My Ho said...

"*leaves to check email again....*"??

You are SOOOOO gay.

I love it.

Me and my supervisor are on a hunt fot the details of my successor, but I hate them already.

Just kidding!!


K said...

I know, it comes from reading too many other blogs and picking up stuff.

*winks* *cheeky grin*

I can't wait to hear about your successor too!