Friday, June 02, 2006

Mighty (Mutant) Mouse

This post is dedicated to Nathan because I know he especially enjoys my posts about amigurimi.

Meet my mutant mouse. He turned out wayyyy bigger than he should have been, but he's still cute!


Paris Is My Ho said...

I think hes luverly baby!

I cant believe Im at school (>_<)
Theres a teacher snoring across the room.
Im bored!!


Carole said...

He's the best!!! You're the best!!! Don't leave!!!!

Just got home and am drinking the sangria :) mmmmmmmm.....sangria!!

Hekleheksa said...

Hi, I lke your little mouse. If you like crochet, you should visit Its written on Norwegian/Swedish, but I can transelate it to english if you need...Hekleheksa(The crochetWitch)

K said...

Oooooo more amigurumi!!! Thanks for the link Hekleheksa.