Thursday, June 29, 2006

JAGS Hamada Exhibit

Tom and I visited the JET Art Group Shimane 2006 Changing Perspectives exhibit at the Hamada Children's Museum. Foreigners from all over Shimane submitted their art. I made a squid and an octopus, by far the most superior art in the show!! haha

My babies and I.

Tom admires Katy's gorgeous crocheted blanket.

Donna's crocheted tree made from used grocery bags.

Travis' paintings.

Nathan's mixed media.

Tom with my display. I set up a small draw box for whoever wanted to enter and win the octopus and squid.


Anonymous said...

Who's Tom???

K said...

Who's anonymous???

kate said...

Koren, your creatures are fantastic (if a little phallic). How come you didn't out them in the Matsue show? And can you enter my name in the box?

kate said...

That was supposed to say put, not out - not trying to suggest your creatures are having closet issues.

Lena said...

hey stranger , im so sorry have not posted or talked to u in ages, been so busy - so strange, well we can get some us time at Chess hopefully , Wow i cant wait to see the show- how any entries can i put in the draw?

K said...

Kate: they weren't in the Matsue show because they were not even a thought in my mind at that point! I finished them the day before the Hamada show opened.

Of course I will enter your name in the draw!! Everyone needs a little squid action.

Lena!! CHESS is going to be great! Make sure you save a puricula for me. I'm sorry, but you can only enter the draw once, but hurry!! The draw date is Sat.

Jason H. said...

Hey K -

Tom is the exchange student I've chatted with - correct?

And can I put my name in too? I don;t need both critters - we can share the wealth, but if I win one that'd be cool!


Carole said...

I want my name in the draw too!!! I need a lot of squid action!!! They are so cute!!!

Miss you! Sad I'm not going to CHESS and won't get to hang out :(

Have fun...


kate said...

Yay! Thank you Koren.

K said...

The draw was a huge success, with many, many entries.

The squid went to a lady who seemed very pleased.

The octopus went to a cute little boy. I think he was about 4 years old.

meemo said...

you play chess? evan is cute. i like your octopus and squid, eventhough the squid looks a little like something else, heehee.
when are you going to p.r again?


K said...

Ahhh my little Meemsie!! The squid is just an innocent little dirty little slag!

I'll be in PR the evening of the 26th. If my Mom forgets, I will be calling you from the airport for a ride home!!

When are we going to the Shinglemill? I can't remember the last time I had a ceaser!

K said...

Oh yeah...CHESS stands for Camp for High School English Students of Shimane.