Wednesday, September 13, 2006


An analogy:

I've been thrown in the deep end without a lifejacket, and I don't know how to swim.

I used to know how to swim, but have spent the last three years floating in a very plush yacht.

Swimming was not necessary.

So now I'm re-learning how to swim.

The last week and a half have been stressful. It's not even the teaching math and science that's stressing me out. It's all the other things that go along with having your own homeroom, not knowing all the rules and procedures, and being new to the city.

But it's getting better.

A few completely random observations:
  • I hate getting up so dam early, it makes me sick (literally).
  • I hate morning traffic and the daily accidents I see on the highway.
  • My hands are dirty all day, despite washing them several times.
  • My students make me smile, except the ones being little fuckheads.
  • Teachers don't get paid enough.
  • I have no idea how much I'm getting paid, but I know it's not enough.
  • I'm still waiting for my contract to arrive, because of this I most likely won't get paid when everyone else does.
  • Thank god for Tim Horton's.
  • I have the ghetto classroom with the massive hole in the ceiling. It rained today. So we used 3 buckets to collect the leaks.
  • I love my car. Have yet to take a picture of it...too busy.
  • Autumn is here, and it might snow on Friday.
  • Perogies are delicious.


Lena said...

snow crazy ! its so cold here at the mo, wore a skirt today fecking regretting that now ,
sounds like its good and bad there. but u can eat great food and speak normal english watch cool t v on a normal tv! all those wonderful things! hate u !!

Leslie Harker said...

Hang in there Koren. It will all get better and then become normal. But I do agree teachers are not paid enough in our countries! Doing it for the love of teaching right?!?

Good Luck!

Titia said...

Koren Beautiful hard work. Missing loveliness days end. We are I friends always and forever. Engrish for you today's end!


Ursula the Fist! said...

Mmmmmmm....Timmy's. Hey, man, I though Alberta was Canada's new utopia! So, what...Ralph Klein's letting your schools leak and underpaying you! What happened to the economic miracle of the oil fields? And again...I say...mmmmm Timmy's. I had Timmy's today. Double chocolate and a medium medium. Maybe you'd have fun living with me in London? I don't know...maybe it would be like a wicked time! I know. I'm evil.