Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I finally left the city!

I got to see nature!! And real animals, that were not in cages at the pet store! An old Danbee friend, Holli, took me to Elbow River falls. It was chilly, but (as everyone keeps telling me) not nearly as cold as it's going to be!


Lena said...

Why did u take a picture of a big rat ?? hehehe,
its so beautiful ! so u are living in the city ?? did u just visit here for a trip !! well at least we will be in the snow together this year!!

Carole said...

Ahh Koren!!! I miss Canadian nature!!!!!!!! My JTE had a video of his class's homestay in Calgary and showed the Rockies!!!!!! I miss home!! Even got teary eyes!!!!!! Ahhhh....but winter is coming.

I'm glad you like the bilingual approach on my blog....did it for you!! (and was too lazy to start another "English" blog)

Loving you pictures!!! I'll miss you at our stich'n bitch!!!! It won't be the same!!! And, I never did finish my mouse!!!

luv you!!