Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nearly finished week 4

Random Observations Lately:
  • Life is much better when you are not getting sick everyday.
  • Teaching is actually a pretty great job (when #1 is happening).
  • Holy taxes Batman! I got paid today, or should I say, I was damn near raped by the Alberta government.
  • Paying into 2 seperate pension plans, and knowing that you won't see any of that money for like 50 billion years REALLY sucks.
  • Cell phones in Canada suck asssssssss.
  • My car rocks, but is very dirty, and it's pointless to wash it.
  • My next door neighbour happens to work at my school. He told me about the short cut to school. Now I don't have to drive the Deerfoot Death Trail during morning rush hour traffic.
  • My sister is due in a month!!!
  • My roommates have just purchased two Welsh terriers, they are Copper and Duster. I will post a picture soon.
  • I am all caught up on my marking! It only took 3 weeks!
  • I saw the movie "Invincible" on the weekend. I guess it would have been really inspiring if I actually liked football, but Mark Whalberg was nice to look at.
  • Gas is super cheap here, like 82 cents a liter. It was $1.20 in Powell River in Aug.
  • If I hear Fergie's "London" one more time, I swear I'm going to go insane.
  • The woman who teaches next to me was sick yesterday. A substitute teacher could not be found!! There are supposed to be a few hundred subs on the list but there are so many jobs that the Calgary board of ed. can't hire enough subs. It's only Sept. (teachers hardly miss days in Sept.) and already it's a problem.
  • I had a student tell me she is really going to miss me when I leave. I got a little misty eyed.


jennifer said...

hey K!! It's Jen Miller from Hamada (NOVA gal). how goes it?? I am back in Canada too and have brothers in Edmonton so maybe one day I could make it out to Calgary to say hello to u!! I always enjoy reading your blog!

jennifer said...

oh ya...and here's my eamil if ya feel inclined to contact me sometime!!

Tom said...

koren im gonna send you a big email and photos soon ye! I miss you heaps.