Monday, November 08, 2004

Stupid Bloody Exchange Rates

The stupid bloody Canadian economy is soaring. This would be a good thing if I were actually in Canada. It is the worst possible time to send money home. It hasn't been this bad the whole time I have been here. As of today I am making $3000.00 less a year, due to the exchange rate!! Of course, I NEED to send money home now, isn't it always like that?

Stupid bloody Canada.


Emily Watkins said...

Ahh, America the Beautiful, where the dollar-to-yen exchange is the lowest it's been in ages.
I send about 10 man home each month, and last week that 10 man brought in about $40 more than it did last month.

Oh and, Hi, I'm Emily in Nita (about an hour due south of Matsue). And I'm right with you on those "I can't believe I'm in Japan" moments.

K said...

I think I know you....long red hair, right? Thanx for leaving a comment. Nice to know someone is reading. I have checked out your blog but haven't seen anything recent. Working on your book?

Emily Watkins said...

Nothing recent? Hmm, I usually post at least once a week. Though the list of "most recent entries" on people's Blogger profiles isn't always up-to-date.

Na, that book thing isn't happening anymore. And I did miserably on the JLPT, which makes it worse cos I stopped working on the book so that I could study for the test.

Yep, long *curly* red hair. (Becky's hair is straight.)