Sunday, November 14, 2004

Ahhhh Magazines!

I found this site (netmagazines) that sends magazines to foreign addresses. The prices are all in US dollars and are pretty competitive. The average English magazine costs about 1000yen here so getting them sent from the states is actually cheaper. Last year I subscribed to Time Asia but I think I would prefer a few women's monthly magazines (which are cheaper) this year. That's makes me sound really dumb doesn't it? I mean trading Time for women's mags. Oh well.
This link will take you directly to the list of magazines that ship to foreign addresses.

Happy English reading!


Jason H. said...

Thanx for the mags link - I'm gonna check that out. It's gonna cost me $100 to renew my Entertainment Weekly subscription, and that's just for sea mail. But it's like 50 issues a year, compared to 12 for most other mags.

To answer a few of your questions on my blog:

Rusty and I visited both Nishinoshima and Chibu. You definitely need to go sometime. We had a blast. I should be posting about that trip very soon.

I checked out and it's for PC/Windows users. I have a Mac. But I really don't mind paying a buck a song - I just wish they had more titles sometimes. But I brought over 350 CDs with me, so it's not like I'm hurting for music. I hope to get an iPod for Xmas, which will be great.


PS - the blog article is in the current BT, so you might get a few more hits in the next few days.

K said...

iPod for Christmas??? Who is your Santa? Your article was good, too bad about the Shimanean, their loss.

Jason H. said...

Santa is me, in more ways than one it turns out. I was gonna treat myself to the spiffy new U2 iPod, but it'll have to wait to the new year now - too much other expense in Dec mounting up.

Also, I get to be Santa at a bunch of my Shoogakkoo. Like I don't get enough of small Japanese kids pawing me everyday - now I have to do it in a red suit. ;)

Do be careful in your holiday travels - I hope the typhoon is all over by the time y'all take off.