Monday, November 08, 2004

Never Ending Thoughts....

These days I have been thinking a lot about recontracting. The final decision doesn't have to be made until Feb. but it is on my mind CONSTANTLY!! I wish I could just make up my mind and deal with it. I want to stop thinking about it and get on with life. One day I am sure that I will stay. The next day I change my mind. If I could just stick to my original goals then the decision would be easy. Stay, earn more money. BUT it isn't as simple as that anymore.

I am giving a presentation at the mid year conference in three days and I am not at all prepared.

A new English teacher arrived today. He told me he has never taught a conversation class before. How can this be?? He is at least 27 or 28 and has worked at a few high schools. Lucky me, I have 4 conversation classes a week with him. He asked me to "be the lead teacher". No problem, I prefer it that way anyway. I feel sorry for the guy. He was soooo nervous today. He will only have this job until March but he still has to move here, set up an apartment, try to make friends, and to top it all off, he has a mouth full of braces (very uncommon here). He made a point of talking to me today so he's obviously a nice guy.

I made apple lemon spice muffins tonight. They didn't work out due to my stupidity but they will next time. I love having an oven!! Thank you Brad and Stacey!


Jason H. said...


Don't worry - your presentation went well and I jotted more helpful ideas down in that time than at any other seminar these past two days.

And recontracting - seems such an easy decision going from 1st year to second right now, but I'm sure I'll struggle with the decision more next year when I'll be deciding if I should stay for a 3rd year.

I know you mentioned in Sanbe being disappointed with not getting to teach at Elementary schools...any possibility you could change BoEs and therefore get to teach at E-schools?

Good luck,

K said...

Thanks for the comment Jason. Nice to know that someone is reading...
I enjoy my job so I wouldn't consider changing positions even though it would be nice to interact with the little guys every now and then. Reasons to stay or go stem from life issues, not job issues. Good to hear that you will be staying another year. From the sounds of your blog it seems as though you are doing well here.