Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I managed to get my bus ticket today.  I asked for the ticket, told her the day, she entered the info in the computer, everything seemed fine, and then she looked up at the calendar on the wall.  "One moment please."  No problem, I know what's going on but I keep my mouth shut.  She makes a phone call, calls over another travel agent, makes another phone call, and then tries to explain to me (in Japanese) what the problem is.  Sooooo she tells me that it is all reserved but I will have to come back tomorrow to get the actual ticket.  Then I put on my "confused gaijin" face and told her that I was going to Canada and would not be able to pick up the ticket.  Another phone call, she talks with a different travel agent, then pulls out a different phone book and makes another call.  Then she hands the phone to me:

Random women-hello?
RW-you are going to Osaka tonight so you cannot pick up your ticket tomorrow?

So I hand the phone back.  I have no idea who I talked to, but I don't care because I got my ticket.  They printed me a ticket that says Aug 29 and then crossed out the 29 and wrote 30.  Then the travel agent starts saying all sorts of things so I ask her to write them down instead.  I thank her profusely and I leave, it only took 45 minutes!  Usually it takes about 5 minutes, but I am a happy traveler!  I took the note back to school and asked one of the teachers to translate it.  It was an apology note!!!  Here I thought it was info about my ticket, but no, it was an apology for taking so long.  You just have to love the customer service in this country!!

I start my journey tonight at 11:35 from Hamada.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly. 

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