Thursday, July 22, 2004

My ass hurts

I shouldn't really complain,  I'm in an air conditioned room.  But still, arggghhhhh there is only so much websurfing one person can do in a day!  I already took off for an hour and a half today, would they notice if I took half a day?  I tend to leave early too.  Don't want to push my luck and have someone mention something.  I just looked at my friend Amy's pictures from her weekend trip to Okinawa.  It looks really nice but Japan is just so dam expensive, I think I would rather go a little further, stay longer, and spend less money.  Ah hell, what am I talking about?  I'm just jealous, I spent the weekend hanging out around here.  It was fun though.   Last night Rebecca left for good.  I'm going to miss her but I'm interested to see what her replacement is like.  He's from Ireland (yum!).  I'm outta here in less than a week!  Wahooooo

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! You saw the pictures!!!=)
i don't have an account so I posted anonymously..hehehe
post comments on my livejournal too!!
I am leaving for singapore/malaysia/tokyo today....its putting a dent in my savings...but i am going to be thrifty next year and save lots!! very excited....!=)