Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"I'm REALLY good at stripping membranes."

Had another appointment today.  At my clinic, there are four doctors that see all the patients; you are not attached to any one doctor.

Sooooo, the doctor today did all the usual stuff (my blood pressure was NORMAL!! - I have been having some issues with that) and then asked if I wanted my membranes stripped.  I told her it was done on Monday by a different doctor and resulted in some mild menstrual cramps, but nothing more.

Her reply?

"Well, I'm REALLY good at stripping membranes."

HOLY SHIT!  What a difference!  For comparison sakes, let's say the doctor I saw on Monday gently swept one finger around for about 5 seconds, producing a mild discomfort.  Today, it felt like she shoved her entire hand up there, and swirled it around for 10 seconds and THEN said, "only 5 more seconds!" as I writhed in pain.  I do believe I was ONLY moaning in pain, not screaming, thankfully!!

If THIS doesn't get things moving, I don't know what will!!  I am still in pain, not contractions at all, just really sore.  About as sore as you think you might feel after a hand was shoved into your uterus.

No blood yet (she said I may have a few days of bleeding), and an ultrasound scheduled for Friday.

Tentative induction scheduled for May 26. :-(  But I really don't think it will come to that.


Kokanee Baby said...

Just drink the drink!

jill said...

Thinking about you over there! :)