Friday, June 29, 2007

My New Place!

These photos are from the the stuff isn't mine.

MY bedroom

MY bathroom (I do believe I'll be painting...)

MY view from MY balcony

MY kitchen

Oh look, it's MY kitchen again...

MY living room

MY living room again

MY laundry/storage room

MY building!

*Not pictured: MY underground, heated parking spot, and MY den!


Ashuri said...

Congratulations Koren! This place looks fantastic! Your Japanese apartment (you remember right...the one that was the size of your new kitchen?) is tearing up with envy, as am I!

K said...

Thanks a lot Ashley! I miss that little apartment. The less space you have the less crap you can gather. I have the JET Programme to thank for this place. The money I saved, and the pension refund, paid for my down payment and closing costs (and the car I bought last year).

I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you keep writing.

million$baby said...

Oh my god you have a REAL house! When I grow up, I want one too! xxx