Friday, August 04, 2006

So what's it like to be 28, unemployed, and living with your mother?

Today's TO DO List:

try to get up before noon
feed the cat


Tom said...

Keep the posts coming Koren! I want that cat of yours nice and fat! You better not stop your blog, still missing ya!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am screwing up your blog! Okay...I need to write that comment again with my brain switched on. Anyway, as I'm sitting here waiting for you to arrive in delovely Victoria, I am reading your blog. And girl, I feel your pain! Yesterday, my big decision of the day was whether or not I should paint my toe nails blue or black.

Lena said...

not so unlike the Jet programme dicision of the day will I get off my arse and go and at least talk to one of my students. maybe not !! hehehe. Enjoy each others company. miss u both so much. talk to u soon lena

K said...

Now I have to feed the dog too. My responsibilities have DOUBLED!!

Erin, Lena, and Tom: I miss you guys so much!!