Thursday, August 17, 2006


I just have to mention that I'm still completely and totally obsessed with Big Brother 7 UK! It's not the same without Nathan and Rebecca to share it with, but I still love it! There are only about 3 or 4 days left, and it's realllllly good these days! PETE TO WIN!! Here are the original houseguests:

This is Pete. I love him and would have his babies anyday.


Leslie Harker said...

Hey Koren,

Just checking out your blog. I wouldn't fret about being back in Canada, things will pick up. We are all sad you are gone but there are very good things about being home!! I just visited home and it was so refreshing. I needed it to be able to start my second year.

Big Brother is insane by the way!

Oh and thanks for the hair drier! Love it!!!!

Leif said...

Hey Koren,

I miss you a lot. I am glad that you're keeping up your blog... at least for now. It really sucks that you're not here. But let's enjoy keeping in touch. and then meeting up again soon. BTW, here is some links to video from the hiro show. Nothing great, but you asked for it! Enjoy your down you have skype?

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Gemma said...

Hey Koren! We all miss you! Did you see the BB final - OMG it was so good! I got to see it Live while back home in Wales and it was wicked! In case you havent seen it yet (im sure you have) I wont mention the winners name, but loads of the BB finalists are getting crap loads of exposure in the tabloids and magazines in the UK at the mo, it's insane. AND Nicky and Pete have apparently been signed up to do a series of 'I'm a celebrity get me outta here' (the jungle/reality show). Madness! In her interview with a UK tabloid, Aiyslene confessed she used to go out with Mike Tyson! The ho!