Thursday, December 08, 2005

Please recommend some music...

My new toy...

After adding all the music I have on my computer I have many, MANY gigs left. So please recommend some music. I like all kinds of music, except country.


Lena said...

music let me see, snow patrol , paddy casey, think i told you those already , razorlight, katie tunstsall , ill think about it and post up some more , thanks a million for the pics of the christmas party they are really great really captured the night especially the pic of nathan on the ground and my ass

Aleisha said...

Hey Koren lady person I don't know!! I just followed a link to your blog from Lena's to see her dinky car. I'm here to reprimand her for not recommending some PJ Harvey to you! God damn Lena!! Have two years living with me taught you nothing?! GO PJ!! GO LENA!! GO TEAM!! Aleisha

Paris Is My Ho said...

Oh my god - that picture of me is way soooo embarassing. But kinda fitting. I was so drunk. But, man, I was comfortable - I coulda stayed there all night!! The hangova was the WORST eva. I couldnt drink, eat or sleep. Just awful. But completely my own fault.
Good times.

Lena said...

im lonely koren when u coming back ? its just not the same when u are not around,

Chrissy said...

Hey Buddy. Long time no talk. I was doing some work on our site and saw you were linking to it. So, I came to check things out. I'll add your site to ours :) Nice toy btw. I like the black ones. We got some Carbon Leaf from Trav's brother when we were in England. Listening to it right now on the ipod and liking it. So, check it out.

Jason H. said...

Hey K -

I'm so jealous - I keep putting off getting an iPod cuz they kept bringing out a new and improved one every six months, but I realllllllly want one.

Anyway - here are some artists to check out on iTunes - I should just make you a mix CD but you need to give me some thematic and stylistic parameters - I have over 23 GBs in my iTunes right now - I'd be so fucked if my hard drive ever crashes.

Anyway - please listen to:
Damien Rice ("Cannonball" and "Unplayed Piano")
Colin Hay ("Waiting for my Real Life to Begin" & "Beautiful World")
Elton John (the early stuff and especially the albums "The Tumbleweed Collection" and "Madman Across the Water")
Jack Johnson (the "On and On" album is a current fav)
I'm listening to a lot of classical recently - Yo Yo Ma, John Williams, Andrea Bocelli
Michael Penn ("This & That" & No Myth")
Beck's "Sea Change" album
Three Bobs I listen to all the time - Bob Marley, Bob Dylan ("Blood on the Tracks" is an essential album), and Bob Geldof, who used to be the lead singer of my favorite new wave/punk band - The Boomtown Rats
Cat Stevens, The Kinks and Joe Jackson are also good choices
Van Morrsion is perhaps my all time favorite singer/songwriter - MoonDance and Astral Weeks are essential
Add in some new Prince for something funky and where are the girls??
Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Alicia Keys, Eva Cassidy, Joss Stone, Lisa Loeb, Aimee Mann, Suzanne Vega, and Gwen Stefani all are in regular rotation.

OK, this could go on forever - enjoy!