Thursday, December 08, 2005

I heart Leif

How GREAT is Leif?
Let me count the ways...

He's dead sexy!

He can drink, even while sleeping.

He can sing...

...and perform...

...and play the piano, all at the same time!

He's tall.

He does a great impression of a spoiled brat.

He can continue dancing even while being assaulted.

Wine in a Pocari Sweat bottle = CLASS!

He's athletic.

He's great with kids.

He's not afraid of looking stupid.

He knows how to properly wear a Christmas crown.

He's obviously the life of the party.


Leif said...

Your blog wins!!!! Yay!! I heart Koren and myself!!! Yay

Anonymous said...

Who is this amazing guy??? Got to meet him!!! Hook me up for seconds!

Lena said...

leif u should have waited more than 45 minutes before u posted as anonymous ,
hook you up for seconds ????