Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Everybody Loves Lena

Lena and I are at our respective schools with shit-all to do today because it is a Typhoon day. The kids get to stay home, but teachers still come in. I don't care really, the typhoon has passed. Maybe if it were dangerous then I would be a little bitter.

Anyway...back to the Lena post.

Good lookin' and charmin' Lena was born in the rural west of Ireland on a farm specializing in cattle rearing!!!

She shared a good childhood with 3 older sisters and one younger brother. Her brother is 6 years younger. A Guinness baby as her parents would say (but only when drunk!!)

She went to all girls boarding school for junior high !! (Freak)

That might explain (some of) the craziness.

Enjoying a little America's Next Top Model on a lazy summer afternoon (instead of going to work! Ahhh the life of an ALT.)


Anonymous said...

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lilrat said...

Hey baby!
Yesterday was cool - my Kocho-sensei said to me on Tues that I could stay home cos it was too taihen da. Yay! Laid around all day watchin DVDs thinkin to myself I had the bitchass job.
Who is the fella that posted above? Do you have blog spam? Like, ewww......
Speak to ya soon darling,
N xx.

K said...

Yes, it' spam. Shitty eh?

Paris Is My Ho said...

Hey K,
Was just lookin at my blog seeing if any1 wrote any comments and I have spam too! Whats happening? People are so sucky!