Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The GREATNESS that is Meemo

This is Sarah.

Memories of my Meemsie:

*Talking a mile a minute and changing the subject every 3 seconds.
*Living together in the most disgusting basement suite in Victoria.
*The Drew Barrymore haircut.
*The "Steve Years".
*The roadkill poster in the kitchen.
*Quitting one McDonalds, over the phone, to start working in another McDonalds the next day.
*Living on Launa's couch.
*Island Farms vanilla plus mango yogurt with granola.
*Giving me her Mom's canning (Yum!)
*The White car.
*Hanging out and doing nothing in PR.
*Getting a $100 bonus for recruiting her for Danbee, even though she left early!
*Envying the way she has with children.
*Alllll the jobs.
*Happy, bubbly, infectious attitude (most of the time).
*Not losing touch.

I'll add more as I think of them, and yes, there are more.


Anonymous said...

lol!!! I can't believe you remember the yogurt and granola. I thought it would have been the Hob Nobs with tea. Anyways, that was cool, thanks! I'm glad we keep in touch too. xoxo Meemsie

Matthew Simko said...

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