Sunday, May 15, 2005

Horseshoes up yer arse!!

I'm on top of the world today!! A few weeks ago I found out that I was selected to be a workshop presenter at the recontracting conference in Kobe (AKA free transportation, free hotel, giant piss-up in Kobe). I was pretty stoked.

Then today I found out that I was also selected to be an orientation assistant in Tokyo this summer!!!! Whoooooo whooooo!!

So that means two days in Tokyo in June for a meeting, then 4 days in July. All expenses paid for and I get to help out all the newbies. When I return to Shimane I will be coming with the group A newbies. It will be lots of fun! I can freak them out about life in Shimane!

I wonder who else from my ken is going????


Jason H. said...

Congrats on both!

What are you going to talk about at Kobe? I'll be there of course, wandering about wondering why I'm there... :)

I too applied to be a TOA - so since I haven't heard anything so I guess I didn't get selected. Drat.
Have fun.


K said...

I'll be doing a presentation on Extracurricular Activities. But really, I only have experience with English clubs so that is what I'll be talking about! It will be very similar to the mid-year conference. I only have to do it once (some people have 2 presentations), but then I have to moderate for 2 other people. So that's pretty much my entire day gone. Being from Shimane they pay for 2 nights in Kobe so maybe I will be able to get in some shopping time the next day.

Too bad about Tokyo, you will have much better luck next year (especially if you do a workshop at the MYS). I wonder who else was selected? Do you know who applied? I know that Will has to go because he is the new PA but I'm not sure if he gets to go to both orientations.

If you are around this Aug. you should volunteer for the local orientation (in Matsue).

will said...

Are you following me?I dont know if I will be going for both groups but when I know I will let you know, it could be a possibility .....I think Rose from Hamada is going with group B.....
congrats though!!!!

K said...

You only WISH I was following you! I think it's the other way around...