Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So I suck at blogging...bite me.

So maybe this blogging thing just isn't for me... My endless hours preparing for the "Laziest Person in the World" award has kept me away from my little blog. And now lilrat wants me to post in his blog. Who knows? Maybe I would be better at writing in someone else's blog.


Today is Graduation Day. Whaaa, boooo hooooo. So long. Actually there were a handful of students that I will miss. At this time next year I will be a mess. MY students will be graduating, that will be hell. Maybe I'll put up some grad pics, or maybe not (see paragraph 1).

The little old teacher who only speaks to me once every 3 months or so spoke today.

Little old guy: "Karensan what is your natural hair color?" (pretty dam good English for a math teacher)

Me:"Ahh yeah, I know I really need to dye my hair, but haircolor, I mean quality haircolor, is really hard to come by. I only have a few boxes left and then I will have to ask friends from home to send me some. That can be really expensive. So I have been putting it off. But now that you mention it, I think I will dye it tomorrow. Thanks for noticing, now I feel really self conscious."

Little old guy: "..."

Me: "Brown. With lots of white."

Little old guy: "Yes, I see silver."

Me: "No. That's white."

Little old guy:"I recently caught a cold. So I couldn't take a bath for many days (WTF?? WHY?) so my head is very itchy."

Then he bends over to show me his dry scalp problem. NASTY!!

Little old guy: "Lots of powder falls from my head." I was going to tell him the correct term "nasty rotten dandruff" but I thought it would make the conversation continue.

Me: "Ahhh yes, I see. Interesting."

End of conversation.

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