Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Last day of classes

Fuck those fuckers.

That has been my theme for the past few weeks. Katy is sharing the theme as well.

I'm moving. Thank god, if I continued to bitch and complain for another year and half I would have smacked myself around. I am moving to the teachers apartment building across town. Going from 2 rooms to 1.

Crazy? Chotto...

This Friday I am off to Tokyo with the waterpolo team. I will amaze the boys with my superior coaching skills and we will take home the Junior Olympic Cup!! Well...maybe some of that isn't true.

Sumo last weekend was really great. I mean it. I hate watching almost all sports but watching Sumo (live) is really fun. Those hairy, fat, sweaty asses make it quite the spectator sport.

Cleaning my crappy apato is going to be HELL. That is why I am putting it off until the last minute. Maybe I will put up some pictures of my new place when I get it all set up.

I'm going to CHINA!!!!! Candice and I are going for Golden Week. Good times, good times...

I received two birthday cards yesterday (my gramma still sends me birthday money! My gramma kicks your gramma's asssssss), and then today I received 2 birthday parcels!!!

I have spent most of the day watching TV pilots at channel 101. It is a website that shows really awful, but totally funny, amateur TV pilots. If you have ENDLESS LIFE-DRAINING HOURS to kill you should check it out. I recommend House of Cosbys and The 'Bu.

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