Monday, September 06, 2004

Yet Another Typhoon

This was supposed to be the first day of our long-awaiting school festival. But no. Another typhoon is on its way. As I was driving to school this morning all the kids were leaving school. Not a good sign. Apparently, JR was planning to stop all rail services at 9am. So the poor kids who just spent forever (some have hour long rides) getting to school had to turn around and get back on the trains. Sooooo this means no school today, and the school festival is being pushed forward a day.

So you would think that I would be at home, all cozy in my futon, with a nice cup of tea, listening to the chaos outside. NOOOOOOO I am here at school!!! All the teachers still have to sit on their asses at school! One of the English teachers said that eventually the vice principal will tell us all to go home. So here we are, waiting!! The lights are flickering as I write this, the wind and rain are getting stronger and stronger, and we all sit here doing nothing.

I think that it needs to get really bad before they will let us go home. But then we will all be traveling home in the middle of a frickin typhoon!!! Where is the logic?

Normally I wouldn't care because there is nothing for me to do at home either. But today I actually feel like shit. I have a headache and a sore throat. I have NEVER been sick in Japan so this has me really bummed. It turns out that Candice feels the same way. So now I blame her!

For the love of god, let me go home!!

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get out while you still can. What's next!!!!!!