Thursday, September 09, 2004

Plagued By Bad Weather

Arrrghhhhh!!! Will the rain ever stop??? Today was supposed to be sports day. There were students at the school as late as 8pm last night preparing. It poured rain all night and into mid-morning. So no sports day, classes instead. I didn't even dare try a real lesson. I wouldn't want to learn if my sports day dreams had just been shattered. So we watched DVDs all day. We are hoping we can have sports day on Monday. Cross your fingers.

Funny thing is...a group of us had ordered this special "sports day lunch" from a local restaurant. No sense canceling a tasty lunch so we had it anyway. All the other teachers gave us a hard time. A nice big special lunch for no good reason. Tonight we have our sports day enkai. No sense canceling a drinking party....

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Anonymous said...

Hey K feel that I'm really intrding on your privacy but I was surfing through the blogs and had to smile at your experiences. I'm U.S. and my father and mother were both from Canada ( Maritime Provinces). I spent 2 years in Japan (U.S. air force). I had many experiences as you discribe and I still smile at them. Of course I (we) were loved by many but disliked by some. I always said that I would go back for a visit some day but now It's been too long so I don't think so. I did like the people where I was (Sakata, Yamagata, Honshu). They were extremely honest and unpretentious and were delightful to associate with. Well I just thought that I would pass that on because it brought back pleasant memories. Good luck in your endeavors. a cyber friend