Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early Morning Thoughts

First, here are a few pictures from the baby shower my work friends threw for me this week:

I'm up at 7:30 on a beautiful Sat. morning because it's so uncomfortable to sleep.  I'm 9 months, 1 week now and CANNOT WAIT for the big day!  I started to pack my bag, but I think I need something bigger to fit all the things that have been recommended.

I have baby girl's bag packed, and it's busting too.  I'm wondering if I should buy a couple of preemie sleepers, just in case.  I know she's not going to be a preemie, but that doesn't mean she'll fit the 0-3 clothes right at the beginning.

Did you know that there's nothing on TV at 7:30 on Sat. morning?  Even the cartoons suck.  When I win the lottery I'll buy a PVR.

My 'Birth and Babies' class started last Weds.  It was so nice to have Shian come with me.  She's an 'expert'!  I had to go straight from work, and also had to be at work earlier than normal, so it made for a VERY long day.  Luckily, I only have 4 more days of work left!  Then I'll be able to get in lots of relaxing time (hopefully) before baby arrives around the 15th.

My replacement at work, Fay, will be coming in for 2 days to observe me, and then she'll be subbing for me on Thurs.  It's so nice that my principal is going to pay her for those two shadow days.  I could type up everything I want to tell her, but it's soooo much easier to speak to her and show her in person.  It saves me a lot of time.

I put a note on the board in my classroom last week.  It simply said that my last day would be the 29th, and then a new teacher would take over.  You wouldn't believe how many kids asked me 'why?'!  They felt pretty dumb when I pointed to my big belly, so I went ahead and added a second note about the due date of my baby girl.  Kids are so funny sometimes.  I guess my belly is not as big as I think it is!

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Kokanee Baby said...

love the belly! Buy some small clothes newborn carters are pretty small and keep the tags on in case she is big, you can always bring them back, wasn't thinking I should have brought you Aleena's, they only wear them for such a short time