Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finally, a post...

Where did June go? I hardly go an entire month without posting something. I'm sorry if you're one of those three people who actually check this blog, hoping to read something.

I'm on holidays now and pretty much bored to tears. There's lots that I could be doing...and some days I am motivated...but on other days I can't be bothered to accomplish anything.

I mopped the kitchen floor today. That's HUGE for me.

Would it have made sense to keep going and do the laundry room and bathroom? Of course! Did I? No.

It was 14 degrees today. That's COLD for July in Calgary!

My cats are driving me crazy! This is what happens when I leave the bathroom door open:

Take note that they continued to unroll and shred until they got down to the cardboard roll. THEN they managed to OPEN the little basket (it has a tight-fitting lid) where the spare roll is kept, and tore and shred it too!

When I left them for a week to visit Carolyn in Creston, they took out their anger by shredding magazines! My lovely friend, Tammy, came everyday to feed them and scoop the poop, but that wasn't good enough! A few months ago I brought home some tests to mark and stupidly left them sitting on the table. In the morning, they were all over the floor and some had been chewed so badly that I couldn't make out the answers! At least my students thought it was funny.

I'll update again tomorrow, with pictures from Creston and maybe a few others.
I hope you like the new look and blog feeds to the right. ;-)

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