Saturday, April 19, 2008

A few changes...

During spring break I decided to adopt 2 kittens. I adopted them from the Meow Foundation. They have settled in nicely and just love those little mice toys. Their names are Genki (named after my deceased beta fish), and Precious (named after one of many cats I had growing up). They're brother and sister but don't really look alike.

Let's see...what else...I turned 30! Mom came to visit for a little over a week. It was nice to have company and my kitties enjoyed harassing her all night. I wished she lived closer.

After spring break I started my new job teaching grade 8. At first I really missed my fives but now I really like it. It's less of a workload, and fun to be able to joke around with them and be sarcastic. I can say things to them that would have made my fives go home and cry to mommy.

They've told me what I'll be teaching next year but the position has to be posted, and they have to interview for it. So that totally sucks ass. At least they want me though! It sucks that they have to jump through all these hoops before being allowed to hire me.

I love my school!

...but I can't wait for summer holidays!!!

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Sadek said...

Hello K,

How are you; i have just come across your lovely blog: its very nice. I hope to know you more: are you a teacher?
if so i hope to learn from your experience.