Friday, April 20, 2007

A Trip to the Alberta Children's Hospital

Last week my little nephew, Cobin, became very sick with a virus called RSV. All kids get it, but only 0.5%-2% require hospitalization. The poor little guy had to have oxygen, a heart monitor, an IV in his arm (then head, then foot), two other thingies attached to his chest, a catheter to collect a urine sample, a spinal tap, and countless blood tests. He was in the ICU for one night, and then moved upstairs for two more nights. My sister is still breastfeeding so she had to be there at all times. It was very stressful and scary but he is fine now. He lost his voice from the oxygen and has bruises from the countless needles, he even has a little bald spot on his head from being shaved for the IV (he barely has 2mm of hair!). We are very lucky be so close to the brand spanking new Children's Hospital. It is an amazing hospital, I highly recommend it!

Here are some pictures, taken after we knew everything was going to be ok. He is off the oxygen in these photos but still hooked up to an IV (in his foot), and the heart monitor (attached to his little toe).

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