Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mack Daddy Yo!

Yo Yo Yo waaaasssssupp dawg? Homie C here, chillin' Tigger style.
My friend Kathy's baby, Cameron.


Titia said...

He is toooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Carole said...

We have to stop looking at all of these cute babies/children!!!! They are so cute!! And soon, we'll want some of our own!!!

Paris Is My Ho said...

I finished making my pen stand!! All hail the King of Arts and Crafts! YOU are not worthy!!
Thanks Korn for showing me that crap - I actually felt like I achieved something today. Im gonna post a pic on my blog. Im like a proud parent.

Paris Is My Ho said...

ps UPDATE!!!!

K said...

If you call me Korn one more time I will call you NaASSHOLEthan.