Tuesday, April 26, 2005

All of a sudden..

Lately I have been feeling really homesick. Many things have contributed to this feeling. The worst was when I was talking to my sister a few weeks ago. Right in the middle of our conversation she spontaneously burst into tears, saying,

"you're just so far away..."

She stopped crying a minute later but it had a lasting effect on me. I miss her so much and love hearing all about my nephew but after hanging up I just feel so, babyless in the asscrack of Japan.

Then today I received some new pictures of my best friend's baby, who I have yet to meet, and won't meet until he is over a year old. He is a beautiful baby, like a cherub. I would love to be with her now, helping her out with the baby, having fun, gossiping, and hanging out.

But I am here.

For another 15 months.

I've started a countdown. Each month I will change the number until I get to about 4 months, then I will change it to a daily countdown. A little premature??? Yeah, maybe! I'm usually very positive about my life here, just lately, I would love to be home. I've even been looking at teaching jobs that start in Sept. But that really isn't new, I'm always looking for teaching jobs, even though I have one.

It's not like I'm going to do a midnight run. I leave for China in a few days, I'm certain that getting away and doing some serious shopping will cheer me up. And soon it will beach weather, everything looks better when you are sitting in the sand.

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