Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Fun Times in Hiroshima

Candice, Claudia, Camille and I had a great weekend in Hiroshima. We went to a Sake Festival in Saijo where there were hundreds of different Sake producers offering samples. Only 1500 yen for all the samples you could handle. People brought tarps and blankets to sit on and camped out the entire day. A giant piss-up!

Then we were off to Kemby's restaurant for some delicious Mexican food and cheap drinks. Ahhhh happy hour! Later we went to a club that is popular with the American marines from a local base. Good times!! Shopping and a movie (Van Helsig-piece of crap) the next day and then back to Shimane. A very nice weekend.

Anyone planning a trip to Hiroshima should check out this site.

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